Route 24 – Lyndale/Kinross 2018 (Option 1 & Option 2)


Страна: Канада
Язык: EN
Номер: 9083784
Дата публикации: 12-04-2018
Источник: Prince Edward Island
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Тэги: asphalt and bitumen Energy Construction


Route 24 – Lyndale/Kinross 2018 (Option 1 & Option 2) Share this page:Email this page to a friend Feedback Solicitation Number: PEIG-TIE-4971 Date Published: Thursday, April 12, 2018 Closing Date: Thursday, May 3, 2018 - 2:00pm Tender Type: Invitation to Tender (ITT) Agreement Type: Open Bidding (OB) Estimated Value: Not Available Tender Category: Construction and Building Materials Notes:

Option 1: Asphalt surface recycling of existing HMA to a minimum depth of 50 mm full width
using an approved method such as the Recycled Hot Emulsified Asphalt Treatment (Re-HEAT)
process or equivalent. This process shall consist of preparing the existing road surface, heating
the pavement to sufficient depth, applying an asphalt rejuvenating agent, mixing in a heated drum
mix plant, levelling, laying, and re-compacting of the pavement surface. This process shall be
continuous using a self -contained, self-propelled unit to contract specifications.

Option 2: Cold planing the existing asphalt 50 mm full width; placing asphalt seal B (50 mm); and all other work necessary to complete the Contract. For this method, the Contractor has the option
of using a maximum of 20%RAP from this contract in the production of the asphalt seal B.

Organization: Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy

Organization Contact:

Brad Gordon Telephone: (902) 368-6455 RFQ Document: Download online_ready_rte_24-_lyndale-kinross.pdf (217.36 KB)

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